SediMax® Sediment Retention Systems

Unprotected topsoil, especially on slopes and construction sites, is vulnerable to sediment migration and runoff problems. Using the North American Green SediMax® System can prevent much of the damage and eliminate the costs associated with restoring slopes, rebuilding drainage channels, and dredging ponds and streams.  The SediMax System products include SediMax-FR® Filtration Rolls and SediMax-SW® Straw Wattles.

SediMax Systems’ products include:

SediMax-FR® Filtration Rolls

  • Used to create temporary, three-dimensional structures perfect for forest fire rehabilitation, bioengineering projects, construction sites, ski slopes, wetland mitigation and other applications where stormwater runoff is a concern.
  • 100% biodegradable product
  • Made with a 70% straw and 30% coconut fiber matrix reinforced with biodegradable netting rolled edge-to-edge.
  • Up to 98% effective at reducing sediment migration
  • Assists with environmental regulation compliance
  • Helps earn points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System project certification goals

SediMax-SW® Straw Wattles

  • Used for sediment control and stormwater runoff
  • Economical alternatives to silt fence and straw bales
  • Can be staked along the contours of newly constructed or disturbed slopes, wrapped around storm drain inlets and used as check dams on slopes and in swales and grass waterways.
  • Available in two diameter options (9 in. and 12 in.)
  • Recycled, compressed, agricultural straw cylinders wrapped in photodegradable netting. 

SediMax-SW (Straw Wattles) are economical alternatives to silt fence and straw bales for sediment control and stormwater runoff. 

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