HydraMax® Hydraulic Erosion Control Systems

Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECPs) prevent erosion and aid in vegetation establishment on slopes. North American Green’s HydraMax® Systems apply seed, soil amendments and hydraulic mulch in one step, offering a low-cost, low-labor solution. Containing only biodegradable, non-synthetic fibers, all HydraMax Systems’ products are made with our patented proprietary blend of straw, reclaimed cotton plant material and tackifiers to ease application, enhance adhesion, retain moisture and stabilize soil.

 HydraMax Systems’ HECPs also:
  • Feature a porous matrix with strong soil adhesion that forms an excellent vegetation establishment and erosion control medium
  • Can be installed up to three times faster than erosion control blankets with one-third of the manpower
  • Have low water-to-mulch ratios that increase productivity by requiring fewer tank loads per site
  • Grow grass quickly with increased germination and biomass production over bare soil

    HydraMax Systems’ High-Performance HECPs include:
    • HydraCX® Extreme Slope Matrix

    HydraCX Extreme Slope Matrix is recommended for long-length, steep to severe slope gradients of 3:1 to 0.5:1 (H:V). Our highest performing hydraulic mulch, it demonstrated 100% soil protection in AASHTO-NTPEP testing. This cost-effective alternative to short-term double-net erosion control blankets provides immediate protection, soil bonding and rapid vegetation for increased effectiveness on extreme terrain.

    • HydraCM® Steep Slope Matrix

    HydraCM Steep Slope Matrix scored 99.7% effective in reducing soil erosion under AASHTO’s NTPEP testing. It’s designed for medium-length, moderate to steep slope gradients of 4:1 to 1:1 (H:V). HydraCM HECP is a superior alternative to single-net erosion control blankets for controlling erosion and establishing vegetation on steep, challenging slopes.

    HydraMax Systems’ Standard Performance HECPs include:

    • HydraGT® Moderate Slope Mulch Blend with Tack

    HydraGT Moderate Slope Mulch Blend with Tack is ideal for short slopes with up to 2:1 gradients. It can replace alternative methods such as crimped/tacked/blown straw and wood mulch with tackifier.

    • HydraGS® Mild Slope Mulch Blend

    The HydraGS Mild Slope Mulch Blend works best on short slopes with up to 3:1 gradients. It is an economical alternative to wood/cellulose blend mulches for quick and healthy turf establishment and general seeding applications.

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